Updates and news Delivery notice(+EMS to China)

11 May 2022

Dear customer,

I have delivered all of the orders which I told to deliver within six months. I also planned to deliver earlier than scheduled time even for 8months order.  But delivery to China through EMS is not possible due to massive lock downs in the major China cities by Covid 19. If delivered, they will be returned or lost in many cases. So, delivery to China will be postponed for a while..I will appreciate if you understand this situation. Please leave a note for any further question. 

+If you were told to receive within 6 months but have not received tracking code yet, please let me know it. Thank you :)


6개월 제작기간이 예정되었던 Soo 개인 오더건을 모두 발송완료하였습니다 ^^
혹시 예상 제작기간 6개월로 안내받으시고 아직 송장번호를 받지 못하신 분이 계시다면 주문하신 이메일이나 홈페이지 게시판으로 연락 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다!