Updates and news Delivery notice(+EMS to China, newly updated)

23 Aug 2022

Hello dear! 

First of all, I am so sorry about your long waiting.


Delivery of all personal orders that I promised to deliver before 6 months have been finished.  

However, as I announced on the website and SNS, many major cities in China have been blocked due to COVID-19, and EMS delivery is not accessible.

Therefore, the orders that were guided for 8 to 9 months have not been sent and are being held. I am sorry for this situation.


 As far as I know, official couriers, such as the post office(EMS) and SF express, still don't accept cargo to China.

 *EMS unacceptable area (classification by exchange station city) 

Guangzhou : : 41xxxx ~ 44xxxx, 51xxxx ~ 57xxxx, 61xxxx ~ 67xxxx 

Shanghai : 20xxxx ~ 24xxxx, 31xxxx ~ 36xxxx, 45xxxx ~ 47xxxx , 03xxxx~04xxxx

Yeontae : 2640xx, 2614xx, 2651xx~2658xx, 2642xx~2645xx

Qingdao : 61xxxx ~ 64xxxx, 25xxxx ~ 27xxxx 

Heilongjiang :  15xxxx~16xxxx

Liaoning : 11xxxx~12xxxx

Jilin : 13xxxx

 (I can use EMS if you use an address outside of this area. )


  And I found a shipping company called UPS(=epost).  The company can deliver more locally to China than EMS. 

Instead, its fee is $11 more than EMS. And it takes about three weeks to deliver.( The long delivery period is unavoidable at present.) 


*UPS unacceptable area (classification by exchange station city) 

Shenzhen : 518000-518999

Shanghai : 200000 ~ 202183

Zhejiang : 202450~202465, 310000~325899

Jiangsu : 210000~226693

I can use UPS by paying additional fees by myself if you use an address outside of the above four areas. 

(*If the consignee returns the goods at the customs due to tariffs, UPS may charge re-delivery fees, unlike EMS. Please be aware of this.) 



 Sadly, if your address belongs to the area where both EMS and UPS cannot be delivered,

I hope things getting better soon. Please feel free to share your opinion. Thank you :)