Updates and news Replied to all messages arrived on time

29 Dec 2021

Dear customers!

I just replied to all messages that arrived on time! (20:00-20:05 KST)

Please leave a note on this board with email address if you have problem about your order.

Now I will email payment confirmation messages one by one again.

And group orderers, it will be thankful if you take time to check your members first and leave messages since personal order is accpeted fully. (We are not taking new group orders any more. This is only to the groups that discussed beforehand.) 

I am sorry that orderers have  many difficulties to purchase Soo babies.
Since I introduced group order for the first time, I made some mistakes. And it made customers inconvenient.
I am so sorry about it and make every effort not to make such mistake again!

Thank you for your patience!


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