KRW payment

30 Jul 2019

For international customers, it is the cheapest and fastest payment method to use Paypal. 

 International bank transfering charges extra fees more than paypal and even slower. It takes 2~3 more days to get your payment. I highly recommend to use Paypal first.

 Well, if you can access KRW bank account in South Korea, you can pay by using this way.(The price for one head is 110,000 KRW. EMS fees will be charged seperately.)

 Please email me with the following order form via during the order period if you want to pay by KRW.

 I would appreciate if you wait my reply during the order period because it takes a time to check all the orders one by one.

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*Please make sure that payer's name is the same as orderer's name. Otherwise, it will be very hard to identify your payment.*