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Updates and news Rough plan for Koi&Soo

21 Aug 2022

 Thankfully, many people have loved Soo over the past few years and I am very grateful for this love!    
 But for the next few years, I will focus on making new dolls instead of making Soo. 

It does not mean that Soo is out of print forever. But it's hard to promise when "Soo" will be re-released except for tan skin(real skin)version. 

I have a plan to make a real skin Soo in my mind. They could be released with Koi and if this is difficult, it will be postponed to the next time. 


 Real skin Koi will be released at the end of this year if overseas shipments(Soo) are completed smoothly. 

I will also release a small amount of regular skin Koi and Koi's body too if there is enough time to prepare.

(To avoid confusion, pre-order reservations and group orders will not be accepted.)


 This plan is not fixed but rough idea. If overseas delivery for Soo is delayed, this schedule will also be postponed.

I made a short notice because some customers are asking about next plan. 

If you have any further question, please feel free to contact me. 

Thank you!