2020 12/21 21:00 Oversea orders for Koi

14 Dec 2020

Hello dear!

Thank you for waiting Koi :)

 I am going to receive Koi's first order by emailing as many as can be delivered within 4 months,

 on the basis of first-come first-served.

The total number of orders finally accepted will be not opened.

(Order for Koi will be received again in the Spring 2021)

* Order date 12/21 21:00~21:10 Korean time

* Price

-Head only (head+certificate card)

110,000 KRW or 110 USD

(real skin+ 20,000 KRW or 20 USD)

-Full doll (head+body+4 hand parts+certificate card)

320,000 KRW or 320 USD

(real skin+ 40,000 KRW or 40 USD)

* Shipping fees

Depends on your country and total weights of shipment.

Approximately 20~45 USD will be charged for EMS.

* Quantity limit per order

Heads only, up to 3

Full doll set, up to 3

ex) maximum quantity - 3 heads & 3 full dolls = 6 heads & 3 bodies

* Payment method

Korean bank transfer by KRW(only for Korea bank account user)


Paypal by USD

Once payments are made, it is not possible to cancel or change the orders.



Please fill out this forms in English to conflicted@naver.com

(If you want to use Korea address, please fill that address in Korean.)






Zip code/

Tel number/


Head (white:  , neutral:  , Real:  )

Full doll (white:  , neutral:  , Real:   )

Payment method

Depositor(only for Korea bank account user!):


Paypal ID:


* I will answer only to the accepted orders, while informing you of total expenses. Please deposit the money up to 72 hours after you receive the answer mail. It may take time before you receive the answer mail because I calculate expenses and send answer mail one by one. As soon as I complete all the answer mails, I will notify it on my homepage and sns. Please wait for the notification although you do not receive answer mail yet. Thank you.